Correct Story: I Dated a Vampire

Long before Bella and Edward,  True bloodstream and people insane kids from Vampire Diaries, we dated a guy which stated is a Vampire.

I becamen’t aware of his self-identified Vampire standing while I began matchmaking him. It was released one evening as soon as we had been lying-in sleep and I mentioned that We enjoyed Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” – an epic number of dark, gothic books that centre around a historical Vampire called Lestat (Rice’s guides tend to be moody, ethereal and incredibly sexy. They generally make Twilight appear to be an episode in the Teletubbies.) The guy got this as their cue to inform myself, that he was a student in reality a vampire.

“Haha, that is really amusing.”

“No, I’m becoming entirely major.”

Whilst looks like, this guy really was into vampire role playing. He’d get-together with a small grouping of fellow “vampires” as well as would dress-up, wear fangs and carry out vampire-y things. Despite my predilection for any periodic hot vampire novel, this revelation type freaked me personally out – specially when he professed a fondness for blood and biting men and women at these functions. We finished up separating right after when he bit me during intercourse. As it ends up, I becamen’t cut right out for your vampire existence. I finished up composing he off confirmed another unconventional character from my dating escapades.

Even though considered drinking blood (phony or else) from visitors doesn’t interest me personally, I am able to realise why men and women select vampires of the underworld beautiful. They’re sexy creatures of the night which can be frequently portrayed as highly intimate or passionate. They’re the best Negative Boy/Bad Female. For many who want to control or even be reigned over, being “taken” by a vampire definitely boasts a certain attraction.

I dated my vampire in years past, before online dating really was preferred. However, if we previously get the “thirst” to date another vampire, these day there are numerous internet sites devoted particularly to vampire online dating â€“ proof that whatever you decide and’re into, you’ll find like minded men and women online for friends…or eternal really love.

Might you ever before date a vampire?